The workflows developed by INVISION follow a strict philosophy of signal processing and model based analysis of information contained in the geophysical data, implemented as a suite of applications integrated into a 3D visualization platform for better perception of the spatial characteristic of the signal. This is the core of our methodology named TI - Touch the Invisible, whose main goal is to provide a high-resolution quantification of the elastic and petrophysical properties of subsurface rock.

The TI technology is essentially the combination of seismic data preconditioning step, followed by elastic AVO inversion. A complete list of the INVISION applications used by our consultants to build the appropriate solution for exploration and reservoir characterization, consists of:

Integrated Workflow
HighSeis HS-Strat HS-RockVision

Package for Seismic data preconditioning based on conventional and multispectral filtering, with highlight for the following applications:


Seismic inversion workflow comprising the following modules:


Workflow for reconciling well-log data and calibration of rock physics models for petrophysical inference, including sensitivity analysis and optimal selection of domains elastic parameters for facies and fluid discrimination:


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