INVISION was awarded a grant from FINEP/ MCT to develop software for special seismic processing and inversion of geophysical data for exploration in deep pre-salt formations , as a result of a competition involving hundreds of innovation projects submitted by Brazilian technology companies.

INVISION's project is scheduled to be completed in 2 years. This type of funding, INVISION will develop innovative software and still unpublished in Brazilian companies, strengthening the innovative and pioneering bias, outstanding in his organizational culture.

The INVISION was present at the 12th International Congress and Exposition of Brazilian Geophysical Society, which took place between 15 and 18 August 2011 at the Sul America Convention Center, Rio de Janeiro.

This was a great opportunity to expose our business services, considering it is the 3rd most important international conference in the area. On this occasion INVISION announced its partnership with DGB, the maker of the open source platform OpendTect for seismic data analysis and interpretation. With that agreement INVISION becomes the official representative for DBG in Brazil and becomes responsible for selling special plugins.

Looking for continuous improvement in services and maintenance of excellence in them, on August 4, 2011, Invision Geophysics won certificate of compliance with the international standard ISO 9001:2008.

The audits were conducted by renowned, ABS Quality Evaluations Inc., which evaluated all management criteria required by the standard, and gave the certificate to Invision without any non-compliance, which reaffirms the company's commitment in the overall quality of their services.

ISO9001:2008 is an international norm that gives requirements for the quality management system of the organizations. It composes a list of published norms by ISO (International Organization for Standardization), and has as it's main objective certficate that the DETENTORA company has standard BOAS PRATICAS in it's management system, garantindo!!!! the quality in it's comercialized products and services.

In this type of contract, clients may rely on INVISION people and software, at their facilities, to run data special data processing and analysis for seismic facies classification, seismic inversion, and petrophysical inference. This is made possible by allocating a full-time geophysicist, assisted by a team composed by a senior geophysicist and a programer.

This level of support allows E & P company's interpretation staff to focus the effort in the more strategic area of their competence, while relaying of higher quality information.

The on-site service mode represents the best cost-benefit relation to clients with substantial demand for seismic analysis services, as major oil companies.

OGX now joins Petrobras and Vale EP, which also use or have used this type of service offered by INVISION.

Opened in July 2010, our home office, which brings together a team geophysical data analysts and processing geophysicists together with software development group.

The office is equipped with high-end interpretation workstations and parallel processing cluster that provides the computing power required to run applications of reservoir characterization and land seismic data processing.

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