Invision participated as exhibitor on 13th international congress of SBGF during 26-29 of august of 2013, in Rio de Janeiro.

The Brazilian congress is the largest of Latin America and 3o largest of the world, with the presence of companies, universities, students and professionals. Invision participation was highlighted mainly for the technical presentations at the booth, and also for the gift and souvenir distributions, happy hour and live performances by singer Thais Macedo.

Event Pictures:

On August 16, 2013, Invision renewed its ISO9001:2008 certification after auditing by ABS Quality Evaluations Inc.

For the third consecutive time Invision is recognized by international standards as a high-quality service provider. The ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 9001:2008 is an international norm that provides a set of prerequisites for quality management system in commercial organizations, warranting total quality for commercialized products and services.

The 2nd Book Fair took place on August 3-18, 2013, in Rio das Ostras, sponsored by Invision.

The event was marked by free cultural activities for children and adults.

Bruno Pinheiro represented INVISION at II INOVAMIN, an event organized by MCTI in association with MME, CETEM, CNI and ABDI, during June 10 and 11, 2013, in Brasília.

The presentation described Invision's experience with the RHAE/CNPq program, in which INVISION was awarded a project for the development of seismic data processing and preconditioning for improved reservoir characterization.

The V Brazilian Symposium of Geophysics (SimBGf) was organized by the Brazilian Society of Geophysics during 27-29 of november of 2012 in Salvador (Bahia).

INVISION attended the event with three participants and presented the following papers:

Uso de AVO para a identificação de selos: Um estudo de caso da Bacia do Parnaíba

Authors: Bruno Rodrigues de Carvalho, Aisgo Oguro and Roberto Baldanza Ribeiro

Caracterização do Reservatório Marlim por Inversão Acústica

Authors: Tatiane M. Nascimento, Paulo T. L. Menezes and Igor L. Braga

On October 24, 2012 INVISION signed a new contract with PETROBRAS - largest Brazilian company and the 5th energy company worldwide (source:; PFC Energy, Jan. 2012).

Services solutions include seismic data preconditioning and high-resolution elastic inversion. With the renewal of this partnership, INVISION expects to continue making its technology available to hydrocarbon exploration in PETROBRAS.

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