On November 28th, 2014, it was conducted by ANP an event to reward the best technological innovation projects existing in Brazil oil and gas marketplace. The INVISION competed with the project Software Development for Special Seismic Processing and High Resolution AVO Inversion and ranked among the top 3 placed at the awards. The representatives and founders of INVISION, present at the event, Igor Lopes, Fernando Moraes and Sergio Adriano highlighted the importance of our participation at a premium of this magnitude, being a genuinely national company with 100% local content in their operations, in a clear demonstration that it is possible to develop advanced technology in Brazil.

INVISION, which has the research and development (R&D) and Innovation as one of the main pillars for company's growth since its foundation in 2007, informs that will increase its efforts in the production of new technologies and products.

Together with the release of a new version of its software packages for seismic data preconditioning and high resolution inversion, INVISION started a new project on Full Waveform Inversion (FWI). The FWI project has already produced a fully functional prototype, requiring an additional development to improve its computational efficiency. The traditional Amplitude Variation with Offset (AVO) inversion method, despite its long history of leading technology in the market, has various well-known limitations. This kind of inversion is based upon approximations for the reflection coefficients valid only for weak contrasts in the elastic properties. The expected release date for this new technology is sometime during mid 2015.

FINEP promoted a R&D seminar to evaluate the projects awarded in a 2010 bid. Invited participants were the companies with outstanding record of results during project development.

INVISION was one of the three selected companies, demonstrating the excellent results obtained with the project Software development to special seismic data processing and geophysical data inversion for exploration in deep pre-salt formations. The event was hosted by Maurício Syrio (DPGN director - Petroleum, Gas and Naval industry Department of FINEP), José da Gama Malcher (FINEP analist responsible by the project), and attended by members of Petrobras and participating company technical and management staff, and other members of DPGN/FINEP. The main focus of the presentation were the improvements of the new version of the seismic preconditioning and high resolution inversion software, concluded with support of FINEP, and also to highlight the importance of financial support for technology and innovation activity within small and mid-size Brazilian companies.

INVISION announces a new contract with Brasoil to provide seismic data processing and inversion services in exploration areas under concession.

The work involves seismic data processing PSTM and PSDM, followed by the HighSeis and AVO inversion workflows in the area with gas reservoir.

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