Reaffirming the commitment to the development of national technology, INVISION obtained after a series of audits carried out by certification authorized by ANP, certified earning 100% local content in the services provided by the company.

Certification of local content is part of a policy of the federal government to increase the participation of national industry in the supply of goods and services, generating employment and income for the country.

INVISION signed the partnership in January 2016, and will support the most important institution in Brazil Geophysics segment. According to the Executive Director Igor Braga, supporting institutions such as the SBGF is key to strengthening geophysics, and promotes partnership between institutions and companies, developing the industry as a whole.

INVISION again ranks among the three companies with the best technological innovation projects developed in Brazil, according to the ANP - National Petroleum Agency. The project titled Software Development for Special Seismic Processing and High Resolution AVO Inversion developed by INVISION with the support of PETROBRAS and FINEP, is among the finalists of the Technological Innovation ANP Award 2015. The award ceremony took place on August 6th, 2015, with the presence of the founders of INVISION and important names of the oil and gas companies and institutions linked to industry. With this award, INVISION reaffirms its commitment to innovation and providing solutions and high technology and quality services to its customers.

Following its growth strategy based on technological expansion, INVISION created a new department of research, development and new businesses, which will be headed by experienced geophysicist Luiz Braga. With this initiative, INVISION seeks to add experience to his team of prospecting new business and develop new opportunities in the search scenario, development and innovation, including seeking the internationalization of services provided by the company. Luiz Braga is Physical (UFRJ, 1980), Master (UFRJ 1980) and Ph.D (Oregon State University 1991) in geophysics and has 35 years of experience in the market, through strategic areas in companies like CGG, FUGRO, PETROBRAS among others.

INVISION signed with SINOCHEM in March 2015, a Research and Development project called Experimental Development of Advanced Application for Elastic Waveform Inversion with Applications to Improve Identification of Prospects and Characterization of Hydrocarbon Reservoirs. This is a new software based on a innovator and efficient algorithm based on elastic seismic waveform inversion capable of dealing with high impedance contrasts, thin layers and critical angles, representing the following gains for industry:

* Improving in estimation of the elastic properties of the rocks forming the hidrocarbon reservoirs, especially the density, supporting a more accurate quantitative interpretation;

* Increasing of the percentage of national technology employed in the exploration area of O&G;

* Decreasing of the dependence on imported software, thus lowering operating costs for operators;

The technology developed in the project will be fully national by enhancing the knowledge and the range of technologies offered by INVISION to its customers.

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